Native Plants of Victoria

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Author: Text adapted from Edward Edgar Pescott Photography Ken Stepnell
ISBN: 9781864767377
Binding: Hard cover with jacket
Pages: 138
Size: 260 x 254 cm

This book is not intended as a scholarly work or the definitive text on all native Victorian plant life.  It taps more so into our fascination and curiosity for that ‘evergreen’ subject - what occurs in nature, how planting cycles wax and wane, the profusion of colour and scent in the warmer seasons to be followed by how plants survive in the colder weather.

The Victorian climate and environs provides ideal conditions for a profusion of wildflowers and native plants which do not occur naturally anywhere else in the world. When judged by European standards, the soil quality is poor and lacking in essential nutrients, and the depth of the soil is rather shallow in some places and yet with these drawbacks, the luxuriant vegetation must surely qualify as one of the hardiest in the world.  

For some time there has been a move towards the planting of native gardens in urban settings. And this kind of movement requires the gardener to have accessible information on plant varieties, when to plant them and when their flowering times are as well as how tall the adult plants will grow. ‘

Pescott’s definitive classic makes for entertaining and informative reading. There are in excess of 100 of Ken Stepwell’s colour photographs, all captioned, and a comprehensive index of plants providing data and identification for these native plant species.